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The poor mental health and the high suicide rates of Aboriginal people in this country are a national disgrace and simply cannot be ignored by governments and sundry organisations any longer. It is time for the honest care for Aboriginal people to be the top priority for all Australians and careful well designed programs be introduced immediately to redress this terrible wrong. ABORIGINAL PEOPLE MATTER.

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I envision the wellbeing and status, and the social and emotional health, of all australian First Nations people, becoming the highest priority of australian public life. I pledge to dedicate my life to upholding human rights in this country; and to maintaining and developing spiritual, social and political connection. Especially through music. Together we are strong.
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What a fantastic initiative!
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We have such great guidance and wisdom from Indigenous practitioners, social and emotional wellbeing is a crucial healing path for us all.
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I am but one, but we are many who recognise the greatness that coming together and supporting our brothers and sisters of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage is a necessary reality. This mental health gap is not acceptable.
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The people need to be supported
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The ACMHN views the concepts of social and emotional wellbeing and culturally appropriate services as vital to the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people and communities. The rates of mental illness and suicide in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are unacceptable and all of government, decision-makers and the service sector must give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the means to change this.
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Just an individual ...l beleive and support culturally appropriate responces and support for all Original peoples..

Implementad and iniated by original peoples.Without a doubt the inclusive and connection focus of cultural and traditoinal responces benifits all mankind in its wholistic approach based in a great awareness and wisdom...

There are wisdoms within community that can bring great healing to not just original peoples but humanity if we but be prepared to listen and respect..

It is paramount that the application and structure of such not be hindered but fully supported as self determined by community...Much respect!
Let the healing begin♡♡♡
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I aim to be supporting families from conception to birth and beyond, encouraging the first bonding and mental health support - breastfeeding - as I believe this is the first step in protecting the mental well-being of Aboriginal families. From the beginning of life.