Adapting the Wharerata Declaration

The Wharerata Group of Indigenous mental health leaders from Canada, the US, Australia, Samoa and New Zealand developed the Wharerata Declaration in 2010. The Declaration is about the importance of Indigenous leadership in addressing the common mental health challenges faced by Indigenous peoples around the world. NATSILMH have begun a process to adapt the Wharerata Declaration for the use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. A discussion paper about the declaration was finalised in February 2015 and was circulated among key stakeholders  for comment and feedback. Based on this feedback, NATSILMH expect to finish the adaptation process by mid-2015. 

International Initiative on Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) Exchange, Cairns Indigenous Match

IIMHL is a unique international collaboration that focuses on improving mental health and addiction services through international innovation sharing, networking and problem solving across countries and agencies. The 2017 IIMHL Exchange (or conference) was held from 27 February to 3 March 2017 in Sydney. 

A part of the 2017 IIMHL Exchange was the Cairns Indigenous Match (or workshop) - Healing and Empowerment: Indigenous Leadership in Suicide Prevention. This match was co-hosted by NATSILMH, the Queensland Mental Health Commission and Queensland Department of Health and attended by Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Indigenous leaders and experts in mental health and suicide prevention. 

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Work Plan

Sydney Declaration

Wharerata Declaration