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as the community mental health peak body in the Northern Territory, with 35 member services across the Territory. The NT Mental Health Coalition works towards partnerships with the Aboriginal Community Control sector.
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I support this Too Deadly.
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I am a locum Remote Area Nurse working the Top End of Austraila WA, NT, Torres Straight.
I recently has 5 children attempt Suicide over a 2 week period. after reffering all 5 to 3 different service providers, It still took 7 weeks to get a mental health professional on the ground.
Its not good enough. I am now studying Grad cert in Applied Mental Health child and Adolecent. I would like to make a change from the inside out.
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As a young Tharawal woman studying psychology, I support and more than that, encourage the excellent work of Gayya Dhuwi in their support and assistance of my people who need to have a yarn about their life. We need more organisation based on the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples mental health!
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Employ 90 % of Aboriginal Staff at all levels of our organisation
Ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait people are in key governance and decision making positions within the organisation
Train and support Aboriginal people to work on their languages
Provide an inclusive non judgmental service.
Support the community in community development intiatives
Provide training and information to staff on mental health and provide professional support and referral for staff and their families
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As a non-Aboriginal person working in the policy and training area, I fully support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander centred approach of the Gayaa Dhuwi Declaration and encourage others to also respect and support this approach.
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The SUN (schools up north) program at YETI (youth empowered towards independence) pledges it support for the Gayaa Dhuwi Declaration for national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island leadership in mental health. As we work together with secondary schools in the Cape and Torres to improve youth mental health, this leadership is critical.
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I pledge that the indigenous community of Australia dn the torres strait recieve safe and on going acess to MH initiatives . To help further close the gap and improve
wellbeing and
partnerships .
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The Black Dog Institute fully supports the Gayaa Dhuwi Declaration. Indigenous leadership of the mental health of aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples is not only essential, critical and necessary, it is also the only right way forward to close the gap.