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I pledge that the indigenous community of Australia dn the torres strait recieve safe and on going acess to MH initiatives . To help further close the gap and improve
wellbeing and
partnerships .
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The Black Dog Institute fully supports the Gayaa Dhuwi Declaration. Indigenous leadership of the mental health of aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples is not only essential, critical and necessary, it is also the only right way forward to close the gap.
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Our Foundation focuses on raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (also a major indigenous health issue). We support all efforts to reduce health gaps between first peoples and the general community.
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Having been in education at an Aboriginal school, I have experienced the tragic rate of suicide in young Indigenous people. This is so wrong and the Gayaa Dhuwi Declaration gives hope. Thank you
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We have involved young Aboriginal people in the participation and development of a National Yarn Safe (headspace) campaign. Young Aboriginal people from Gundjitmara country now feature in the campaign posters across the country - creating awareness and culturally safe help seeking messages.