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Victoria's Mental Health Complaints Commissioner is committed to collaborating with Australia's other Mental Health Commissioners to support the important work of the National ATSI Leadership in Mental Health
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Mental health is a right.
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The Queensland Mental Health Commission is a proud supporter of the Gayaa Dhuwi Declaration and the empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
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I would like to support Gayaa Dhuwi every month. Please send me a phone contact so that this can begin.
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Indigenous Australians deserve better - deserve Aboriginal created, initiated and designed policies to help improve mental health. I do what I can to work towards dismantling the systemic racism that contributes to so many issues, by listening to Indigenous voices and helping them be heard.
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Everyone needs to know about the Mental Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We make up 3% of the population but have more mental health issues than anybody else.
A great initiative to raise awareness and implement strategies.
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I fully support this campaign as it promotes Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people's social emotional well being.
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While I am sure that the health service I work for will sign this pledge as an organisation, I wanted to be clear about showing my personal support for improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with mental illness. Thank you for your commitment.
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Self determination and co-production are missing in most mental health services, but are particularly important to better serve the needs of Indigenous people with mental health issues.
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Standing tall together
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Very keen to see and support increased leadership by Australia's Indigenous people, thank you.
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